Our firm looks after your inheritance rights and offers you assessment of your situation, offering a constructive probate service to FOREIGN clients with assets in Spain.

When a foreign person with assets in Spain passes on in, there might be a will made in Spain or not, or there might be a will made in their country of origin. The difference can lead to endless headaches and tax repercussions.

A will is a document where a person decides the destination of his assets once his death occurs.

On July 4, 2012 the European Succession Regulation EU) 650/2012 was approved, which entered into force in Spain on August 17, 2015, and is very important when issuing a Spanish will if you are a foreigner, as it states that when making a will in Spain, you can follow your personal inheritance law, and not follow Spanish rules. Brexit does not affect this European regulation.

There are different types of wills. We will advise you on which is the best option based on your circumstances and needs, planning what to do with the private assets or the family business set in Spain. We draft your will in two columns, Spanish and English or your mother language if possible, so you do not have an extra charge for a written translation if you want to make it valid abroad, will be witnessed buy a Notary and registered at the Central Wills Register Office in Madrid.

If there is no will in Spain but in the country of origin, we can help you with the process of validating and executing it in Spain, and if there is no will at all we will advise you about the steps to follow.

We will also accompany and advise you in the process of paying the corresponding tax, capital gains, if necessary, and making all the transfers of assets, capital or shares to the heirs.